7 Reasons Why Movements like Black Lives Matter Are Getting So Much Traction

Since the ongoing killings of Black Americans, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” has gained more attention in the struggle for black freedom. This new movement has involved both violent and non-violent protests and public speeches as the people are outraged by the violence inflicted upon their people. The movement itself has left many to question the name in general. Bystanders are asking, does “Black Lives Matter” only their lives matter? Why can’t Black people address the crime in their own cities?

This is racial problem continues to grow; young people are taking to the streets in fighting for a righteous cause as they deserve a fair hearing. Keep in mind that not only Black people are part of the movement, but people in every race as well.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Movements like Black Lives Matter Are Getting So Much Traction.

1. “It’s a Leaderless Movement”

Did everyone forget Martin Luther King? Many Americans of all different races as made him the symbol of leadership and what and how movements should look. Whether the movement has a single leader or few leaders, focusing on them alone can cause them to be vulnerable to the public and lead them to even more danger in the public eye. BLM addresses the concern as a WHOLE with many local leaders and organizations involved in the movement. Black Lives Matter demonstrates how the movement is bigger than a single person.

2. The Movement Demands Justice

Many people believe that the BLM movement is no more than fighting and protesting against white people. This is entirely false as organizations in the movement have made it clear of their demands since the start in Ferguson. Those demands include justice for black people who have been wrongly killed with the demands of proper investigation of all police shootings.

3. Black Church is Highly Involved with the Moment

The Black Church has been the central part of the civil rights moment as many preachers have joined as prominent leaders. The BLM movement has a strong relationship with Black Church as pastors have been helping since the days that followed Michael Brown’s death.

4. Black Lives Matter is fundamental for All Lives Matter

The movement chose Elle Hearns, a black Trans woman in Ohio to help lead the movement as Trans people leaders as the movement embraces black individuals in all interests. With nearly 20 murders within the past year, there is a fundamental belief that Black Lives Matter means ALL Black Lives Matter.

5. The Movement Isn’t Against White People

The movement has clearly stated that this is not an anti-white proposition. Those who characterize the movement as an anti-white group suggest that in order for white lives to matter, black lives cannot – making it a foundational premise of white supremacy.

The Black Lives Matter movement demands the affirmation of the value of black lives. This includes concerns that address the increasing racial wealth gap, housing inequality, and fixing public schools. None of which are directed towards the hatred for white lives.

6. Black Lives Matter is against the Racism, Not Police Officers

The movement believes that police officers are also lives. Therefore, this movement is not against the hatred for police officers but rather the discrimination of many of their actions. BLM is not trying to make the world unsafe for police officers, but rather become less of a threat for those of color. BLM rejects the idea of asking questions about why one is being arrested or stopped or questions that spark as disrespect for resistance.

The movement also rejects the use of military weapons as appropriate mechanisms for their daily use. BLM believes that police offers must build trust with the communities, not vice-versa.

7. The Movement Started BEFORE Bernie Sanders Bought it into Light

Before Bernie Sanders brought the attention of Black Lives Matter, more than 1,000 protect actions have been held for the existing movement since 2014. A new generation of music has been released with songs from J. Cole, Prince, Rick Ross, Lauryn Hill, and Janelle Monae.

The more we learn to understand the concepts of this movement, the more America can progress and move forward against racism in America. How can we take pride in America as the Land of the Free, if we are not free from discrimination? Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that only their lives matter, but rather equal to lives of all races.

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