a1Chiefs Wood gives a unique perspective of America’s most historical periods as we are highly devoted to bringing awareness to our beloved country’s history.

Chiefs Wood was founded in 1987, and it dedicated to providing detailed historical facts of America’s history and the wars involved. As a privately owned publication, Chiefs Wood continues a long tradition of providing historical facts for leading specialists and scholars to analyze trends and events in every region.

Chiefs Wood publishes content frequently as each monthly issue focuses on a certain topic or area – including various towns and states involved in history. Additionally, Chiefs Wood publishes special issues on monthly themes such as the Women who changed history, national battlefield parks, etc.

Every monthly feature is filled with helpful tips on historical vacations, customized maps, nation by nation, international events, and current history in the making. We discuss what’s going on in America and what’s historically worthy.

Here at Chiefs Wood, our obligation is to our readers as we have no affiliation with any political organization, institution, or government body. Our content is fully researched with legitimate information as we study the history, culture, and innovations of America.