Health Forward – US Chamber of Commerce 5th Annual Health Care Summit


October 18, 2016
The U.S. Chamber Foundation is said to host the fifth annual health care summit: HEALTH FORWARD – a platform that will take a better look at the future and examine the ideas, innovations and health care. This half-day summit conference will explore related topics such as the growing role of data in personalized heath care, the increase in connection for care cycles, and modern tools to increase the quality of health care. 

Affordable Care Act & Future of Health Reform Conference


October 18, 2016
The half-day ACA conference will take a look at the past six years since the law reform and prioritizes to make better changes for the future. The conference will discuss the challenges of access, affordability, and regulatory burdens that employers face today. There will also be discussions of reform for different views and priorities of moving forward. Many speakers will include Janet Boyd, the Director of Government Relations; Chris Jennings, President, and Founder of Jennings Policy Strategies, Inc.; Katie Mahoney, Executive Direct of the US Chamber of Commerce and Health policy; and more including CEOs, Residents, Directors, and Vice Presidents. 

17th Annual Legal Reform Summit


October 26, 2016
The 17th Annual Legal Reform Summit will examine the components that grow the American litigation and how elements such as data privacy liability, third-party litigation, and government enforcement harm America’s consumers and businesses. 

The landscape discussion will feature speakers Kristen Anderson, author of the Selfie Vote and Mark Halperin, editor of Bloomberg Politics. Mitt Romney, a former Presidential Nominee in 2012, will provide key remarks and spotlight a political discussion as moderated by the U.S. Chamber. 

Benchmarking Public Procurement Conference 2017


December 5, 2016
The Benchmarking Public procurement conference will examine the World Bank’s study of over 100 countries in discussion of the Global Public Procurement, Technology, and Globalization. Some of the speakers include Raffaele Cantone, Head of Italy’s Anti-corruption Authority, Lorna Prosper, Canadian Director of General